Keith Elmore


NFL All Time Leading Scorer Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen

"Keith and I worked extensively together during my NFL career. I believe that Keith is one of the main reasons for my longevity in the game. He has an ability to adapt the program to your specific needs and he has the discipline to follow through and get the results. Keith has operated in the high performance business for a long time and is fully committed to his clients. I always felt that Keith put his clients first and would do whatever it took to get it done for you. I highly recommend Keith as your sports specific advisor/trainer."
- Morten Andersen



Position Specific Skill Enhancement










Skill enhancement programs are based on each individual's physical ability to perform their unique skill. Movement screens, assessments and film study are used to determine the most efficient way to program an individual athlete. Injury history, strength deficiencies flexibility issues all need to be addressed to make sure each athlete has the best chance to perform at his or her highest possible level. It is truly a partnership between Keith and each individual client.


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